Imperial College London - UK

KEYNOTE: Professor Alastair Florence

Future Continuous Manufacturing

and Advanced Crystallisation (CMAC), UK

"Progress and Challenges for Continuous Manufacturing Research"


KEYNOTE: Professor Timothy Noel

Eindhoven University of Technology - The Netherlands
"Innovation in catalytic methodology development through flow chemistry"


ROUNDTABLE MODERATOR: Professor Oliver Kappe

University of Graz - Austria

Andrea Adamo - Zaiput Flow Technology - USA

Alessandra Vizza - Corning Reactor Technologies - France

Jürgen Kolz - Magritek - Germany
"Integrating continuous processes: reaction, separation and analytics"


Claudio Battilocchio - Syngenta - Switzerland
"Continuous Multistep Processes for the Preparation of Active Ingredients"



Massimo Bertoldi -  LA MESTA CHIMIE FINE - France



Matthew Bio - Snapdragon Chemistry - USA
"Automation of Experimentation: Chemical Process Development in the Era of Industry 4.0"



Carsten Damerau - HNP Mikrosysteme - Germany
"Pumps - Enabling Continuous Flow Chemistry"



Gerardo de Leon Izeppi - Microinnova - Austria

"Economic driven technology selection at early stages of a project"



André H.M. de Vries  - Innosyn BV - The Netherlands 
"Flow chemistry at industrial scale; Enlarging operating windows and increasing productivity"



Wouter Debrouwer - Creaflow - Belgium

The HANU-reactor: development of a continuous flow, pulsating plate photoreactor



Sebastian Härtner - Merck KGaA - Germany
"Next generation manufacturing the vision of a smart factory"



Joachim Heck - Ehrfeld - Germany
"Economic Perspective on Micro- and Millireactors – The Pathway of being Established as Process Technology"



Ernie Hillier - Waters - USA
"PAT/CM A 10 Year Journey - Starting with Collaboration, Lessons Learned, Partnerships - Where We Are Today"



Jonathan Knight - Cambrex - UK
"Challenges and advantages of moving from an industrial batch operation to an industrial continuous flow operation"



Akira Matsuoka - KOBE STEEL - Japan

"Practical case studies on how large capacity micro channel reactor (SMCR®) promotes industrialization of flow chemistry"



Laurent Pichon - MEPI - France
"Evolution of the adoption of flow technologies : facts and future"



Ryan Skilton - Vapourtec - UK
"Libraries, Screening and Therapeutic Peptide Synthesis: The Power of Automated Flow Chemistry"



Flavien Susanne - GSK - UK
"Industrialisation of continuous processes: the place of process simulation"



Frédéric Toussaint - UCB Pharma - Belgium
"Thiyl-Mediated Free-Radical Chemistry in Flow Reactor – Tools and Applications"



John Tsanaktsidis - CSIRO - Australia
"Continuous heterogeneous catalysis using CSM technology"



Charlotte Wiles - Chemtrix - The Netherlands
"10 Years of Flow Chemistry - From an R&D Concept to Examples of Implementation at an Industrial Scale"



Hiroaki Yasukouchi  - Kaneka Corporation - Japan
"Continuous Flow Synthesis for Pharmaceutical Intermediates"

Elin Stridfeldt  - EnginZyme AB - Sweden
"EziGTM – Enabling Flow Applications in Packed-Bed Reactors for Enzyme Catalysts"

Miguel Gonzalez - Asymchem

"A Continuous Journey of Flow Chemistry Integration into the Global Business of Manufacturing Intermediates and API’s"

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